Marlin remembers being in the kitchen since she was very little, when her mom used to bake the most delicious cakes and passed on her the love for food and family cooking. Having migrated to a new culture, she soon realised that there were no bakeries making all those delicious flavours, so she taught herself many more recipes to fulfill hers and many other Venezuelans’ dreams of having a piece of home away from home.

When Marlin and her family arrived in Melbourne from Caracas, Venezuela with a bunch of suitcases, they knew they were about to live the adventure of their lives. And they brought here a lot more than some clothes and a couple of laptops. They brought also their passion for their culture, and for the motherland they left behind. That, of course, included food!

Avila Bakery was established on 2013 and it takes its name from ‘Cerro El Avila’ (Waraira Repano in Venezuelan indigenous language) a mountain that had inspired many painters and musicians — a reminder of roots, fond memories and aromas.

Avila Bakery is all about bringing to Australia all those magical and delicious flavours that come out of a Latin American cuisine.

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